Humans are just 0.01% of all life but

have destroyed 83% of wild mammals

Of all the mammals on Earth, 96% are livestock

and humans, only 4% are wild mammals

1. Litter Crisis

ruins habitats, traps, poisons, ends up in the ocean, is eaten, clogs, suffocates

Love Wildlife

Give back to Nature

countryside wildlife and insect loss from new roads, housing, supermarkets, factories, offices and other  ongoing development

agribusinesses, palm oil and mining companies favour production over protection of habitat and wildlife

mined, stripped, fracked, drilled, cut, bled, unsetting natural eco-systems + landscapes, degrading and destroying habitats

monoculture crops, grazing animals takes over a lot of land, bottom trawling destroys everything on the sea bed, over-fishing, other species harvested than intended catch

habits are completely destroyed and cannot be replaced short of reversing the process

Bring wildlife under your radar! Support how wildlife has a right to be free, treated kindly and left alone in a habitat which is clean, intact, not trashed, kept in balance.


Always think about the consequences your actions will or may have in the future e.g. "If I don't pick this up it could end up in the ocean, be fed to a sea bird chick and cause it to starve to death"

tortuous, tormented, imprisoned lives

cruelly captive, made to perform, often get sick

wildlife are hounded, goaded, chased and killed with no way out

hounded and shot down for sport, ending beautiful lives

persecuted, stolen, sustain injuries, suffer and die in unspeakable ways

brutally and barbarically hunted, butchered mutilated and defaced for corrupt dollars

often taken from the wild, kept crowded in cages till sold

Cosmetic testing is banned in many countries but not all, and scientific research still goes on

cruelly, stressfully confined in tiny cages, deprived of a natural life to make garments

from the burning of fossil fuels, factory emissions, mining, coal burning, production of plastics, synthetics, rubber etc

excess of naturally occurring elements such as carbon dioxide, methane, heavy metals, nitrogen, phophorus, disrupt the ecological balance, ozone, climate, and can be toxic

spraying of crops, poisoning of pests,  treatments of fabrics

wildlife dumped on, poisoned, polluted, killed from oil, gas, chemicals, nuclear reactors etc

fragmentation of buildings, objects from

storm earthquake tsunami hurricane tornado flood, end up littering land, ocean, beaches

gases, chemicals, nuclear, fracking, 

toxic chemicals, 

also warfare

Think of wildlife! Teach wildlife-friendly-living, taking responsibility for our actions and an attitude of sharing the planet with all other species who live on the earth.


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