Love Wildlife

Give back to Nature

Struggle, , injure, starve caught up in lines + nets

Litter crisis ruins habitats, traps, poisons and ends up in the ocean

Starve to death taken as food. poisoned, suffocated, polluted. 

Tragic and traumatic loss of life

Our electricity supplies can cause brutal death or maming

injury or death from high impact

Wildlife are persecuted, suffer and die in unspeakable ways

Plundered, built upon, burnt, clear-felled, polluted

hounded and shot down for sport, ending beautiful lives

often taken from the wild, kept crowded in cages till sold

wildlife are hounded, goaded, chased and killed with no way out

brutally and barbarically tracked down and mutilated

tortuous, tormented lives

cruelly captive, made to perform, often get sick

Cosmetic testing is banned in many countries but not all, and cruel scientific research still goes on

confined in tiny cages, deprived of any natural life to make garments

Bring wildlife under your radar! Support how wildlife has a right to be free, treated kindly and left alone in a habitat which is clean, intact and not trashed.


Life is in the balance, so many species threatened with extinction. Act now!


They desperately need all the help, consideration and care they can get.

Think of wildlife! Teach wildlife-friendly-living, taking responsibility for our actions and an attitude of sharing the planet with all other species who live on the earth.


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