Human beings have everything to answer for in their impact on wildlife which has escalated to grave and catastrophic proportions over the last century, only set to worsen.  Countless species are or are threatened with extinction and there is ongoing untold suffering to wild as well as domestic animals.  We share the earth with all creatures and have no right to trash it, exploit it, create suffering and misery for our own greed, convenience, entertainment, laziness, experimentation, ignorance + cruel urges. We at Earth-Share are have compiled the following human profile of reasons, each point of which urgently needs to be addressed to help turn the tide:


ARTE, the non-commercial European culture channel, has made available online Rhino Dollars, a 2-year investigative documentary on the global trafficking of rhino horn and which features our efforts in South East Asia to disrupt and help dismantle the criminal networks benefiting from this illegal trade.


 We owe so much...

Which poses the question:  'What will it take for us to change our ways, our level of awareness, our ways of behaving and operating on this planet, to live in this world with responsibility, ethics and care from a spirit of sharing, to align our values?' So that it is:

Not money, but simplicity.

Not cruelty but kindness.

Not possession but generosity and doing without.

Not selfishness but a spirit of altruism.

Not self-importance but humility.

Not take-take but giving back.


How can we as part of humanity make this change?


Think of wildlife! Teach wildlife-friendly-living, taking responsibility for our actions and an attitude of sharing the planet with all other species who live on the earth.


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